Illuminated letters, lightboxes, pylons,
entrance groups, signage

We will send you a free sample of the illuminated letter!
It is easy to understand how the whole sign will look like and what quality our products are. We are not afraid to show our products!
20 years
2 000 m²
Area of our
own facility
31 895
Number of completed
3 803
of our customers

Our advantages

We will contact you back on the same day
We will process your application very quickly. We will inform you of the prices on the same day and also prepare all the specifications. We will explain the materials and technical features and provide a full description of the products (depth, colour, thickness, number of diodes, etc.).
We do everything ourselves
We have all the equipment necessary for painting and the production from scratch. All materials are in stock, so we do everything quickly and to a good quality without shifting responsibility to subcontractors.
We focus on long-term cooperation
Special conditions are available to contract customers, including the optional grace period up to 30 days after the customers receive their order.
The price is negotiable
You can immediately voice your budget for the sign or order a cost calculation for the offer you are interested in. In any case, we will offer you suitable solutions and various design options.
Every day
we process
Delivery time
depending on the region

We'll make it in 48 hours

1Получение и подтверждение заказа

If you want it done urgently,
we have an ultimate offer for you:

What kind of sign do you want?
Send us your draft design and parameters and we will calculate the cost for free and send technical documentation with a feasibility statement
* This offer applies to small- and medium-sized orders.

Production from A to Z

Every person in the production chain is important and any mistake is unacceptable, because in our industry, it is impossible to quickly remake or refit a certain part.

Therefore, we employ only self-disciplined and experienced personnel, who would not let you down. Each employee has more than 10 years of experience.

Our company has a group of designers, design engineers and project managers, who can implement a project of any complexity. We have all the equipment we need for the production: CNC cutters (2,000х4,000), CNC laser (1,500х3,000), laser vending machine, bending machine, UV printing

Thanks to this, we have a wide technical capability and will materialise any of your ideas with high quality and on time.